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A great combination of light construction and comfortable performance. XDRY is the brand that identifies the polypropylene hollow fiber developed by Colnago. The properties are breathable, lightweight and optimal temperature control in both summer and winter. The brand XPro characterizes one of the sought yarns and developed by Colnago. It is a microfiber of polyamide consists of linear macromolecules obtained by polycondensation of bifunctional compounds. Resistex® Carbon is a yarn with unique technical characteristics, constituted by a continuous filament of conductive material based on active carbon and textile fibers.


SIZE: S-M ( 35-39 ), L-XL ( 40-43 ), XXL ( 44-47 )


HEIGHT: 11 cm


COMPOSITION: 55% X-Dry (PPL), 35% X-Pro (PA), 6% Carbon Resistex, 4% Lycra


Condition new

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